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Shippingport Brewing

Shippingport Brewing Company opened its doors in June of 2021. It is anchored in the Portland neighborhood of Louisville, KY and named for Shippingport Island off the shores of the Ohio. Shippingport Island, formerly a rough and rowdy community, is now home to the McAlpine Locks and lots of herons.

Sally Forth Tap Room serves our craft beers as well as food and drinks for all ages. We have inside and outside seating available year round.

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A Louisville native, Amelia began learning to brew beer in 2007 while living in Portland, OR. She moved home in 2013 where she took a position as head brewer for a local brewery. She cultivated a profession for making wild and bottle conditioned beer, as well as brews that incorporate locally foraged ingredients like oyster mushrooms, sassafras, and creeping Charlie. Her favorite beers include classic Saison and Belgium.



Sue already had six years of brewing under belt by the time she got her start in the industry in 2013 working in Odell’s taproom located in Fort Collins, CO. She relocated to Louisville in 2017 and began brewing under Amelia a short time later. Collaborating with other brewers is one of her favorite things about making beer because she gets to experience what others are doing and share ideas. One of the best beers she ever made was a coffee Kolsch but has a great love for IPAs.

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